Saturday, March 25, 2017


i post regularly on my instagram more so than I do here.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

So much missing...

I know. Neglect. I've been neglecting my blog!

I have had so much going on so look for an update here soon.

Life is getting back to normal for me so that gives me time again! ❤️

Saturday, February 18, 2017

While cleaning out my old Facebook

I came across these. It almost makes me feel sorry for the poor people that believe him and her and their lies. As you can see, these are old post from my old Facebook. :)

I am glad I hung on to stuff like this so that when my children are older and they ask why, I can of course show them!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR Ethan and Katy

HAPPY NEW YEAR my sweet babies! You are so loved and so missed by all of us! I hope this year brings you much love and happiness! <3

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas Ethan & Kaitlyn

#ParentalAlienation is very real and it is carried out by abusive cowards not just during the holiday season as a tactic to further vilify and victimize the alienated parent but all year long too. I am and have been the victim of not only PA but #DomesticAbuseByProxy and #MaternalDeprivation for years. My ex husband was a lying abusive violent shell of a man that once the relationship ended and he could no longer physically abuse me chose to keep my children from me. My children have suffered their entire childhood and will have lifetime results they will have to deal with due to this monstrous injustice that has taken place against them. Most often people don't think when they make choices concerning their children, they use children as weapons while not realizing one day their ammo will in fact run out.
Don't be a jerk, learn to coparent and do what is best for your child/children... not yourself. If you're a step parent, sit down and let the REAL parents of the child/children parent their child. Children deserve the love of both parents and no one has the right to play judge or God in a child's life.

In the end nothing justifies or minimalizes the removal of a loving and able parent from a child's life.
That IS child abuse.

Ethan and Kaitlyn Jolly, I have LOVED you since you took your very first breath and I will love you far beyond taking my last. You are in our hearts, souls and thoughts not just on Christmas but every single day of the year. This is the 7th year those devils have stolen from us but it won't be long now, our time to rejoice and love without fear is coming. We (your family they have tried their best to erase) have hopes and dreams for you and for the days we are allowed to love and be a family without the hatred and jealousy that family bestows.
My holiday wishes for you are that you know you are loved and wanted more than anything.
Today I wish you joy and happiness.

I love you and Merry Christmas.

Your (only) mom.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

To the both of you

Him: I completely and totally understand that you alienate me because you know what you did was wrong and abusive and that because of your personal/social downfalls and need to be superior you cant have the truth coming to light. I understand you hate me because my life is better than what you wanted it to be and I forgive you for calling me unwarranted names because you are simply threatened by my existence and the truths that I tell. You can lie to whoever you want, tell the world you did nothing and I am crazy. When our children are old enough and come to me I WILL SHOW THEM everything I have. I have vidoes of you physically beating, making threats to kill me, photos of you and so many other things... What are those kids going to think when they realzie you stole their childhood out of hatred and the need to cover up what YOU did? 

Her: I don't forgive you for anything, you are an insane obsessive stalking lying psycho that put herself into a position she had absolutely no business being in. MY children are mine, not yours and they NEVER will be yours.  You are NOT their step mother simply because you do not mother them, I don't understand why you don't comprehend that. You do not know me you never did, you speak in hate towards me because of things you have been told that you did not see or hear with your own ears... You go on and on about how I cheated and this and that... YOU DID TOO! That's how my ex husband and I met you, you were cheating on is friend with multiple people so your statements about what you THINK I did or what you were TOLD are not valid... Sorry, next! LMAO You too soon forget your downfalls because you're too busy pointing your nasty shit covered fingers at me! 
You are trash, you were born trash and you will never overcome that. 

It is incredibly sad that the two of you have single handedly ruined the adult lives of two children that didn't ask for any of this. I hope that God you claim to follow has serious mercy on your lying souls... Sadly, I don't think you'll ever make it to his gates, people that do things like the both of you have go straight to hell. :)

Merry Christmas bitches, Ill be sure to update my personal blog with all of the wonderful things I receive and do. I understand that if it wasn't for MY LIFE the two of you would have nothing to aspire to be. And you nitwits say I want to live vicariously through you... Yeah. NO! 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

More stalking by the crazies!!!!!

The ex husbands wife has visited my blog on stop for years... here is just the last 4 months.

The ex husband saved my blogs to his work computer (photos below video) then backed them up to a hard drive at his house. 

This is where he was stalking me via his work computer. Notice the dates on the screen shot below? This was from an email that was sent to various people at his former place of employment when they questioned me about him stalking me via his work computer.  

What is sad is that instead of stalking me, attacking me on Facebook claiming I'm trying to hack their Facebook and "live vicariously through them" they could be putting the wasted time into bettering themselves for the kids involved. They could be working out a parenting plan to better benefit the children they have destroyed. They could be being better adults, parents and all around humans. Instead, they cant overcome the jealousy in order to grow up and maintain any kind healthy productive life, the poor things live in a fantasy world where they are amazing and anyone they don't like has wronged them/stalks them/is crazy/wants to be them or whatever. But my question is why? WHY are you coming to my blogs almost every damn day (both of you)? It makes no sense. I should be the one going to your pages everyday, I should be trying to keep tabs on you but Im not. I have nothing to do with either one of you, you refuse to be mature adults and let me see my children so my life and the things in it should be of absolutely none of your concern... But yet here the both of you are EACH DAY looking at my blog, stealing my photos, downloading my things and just being all around creeps... But claiming Im stalking you. Seems to me the only people trying to live vicariously through someone else would be the two of you? He must forget I was married to him, I know how he operates. I KNOW his motives. LMAO Yes, my ex husband attacked me on Facebook trying to claim that I was trying to hack his Facebook because I'm stalking him and don't have a job. Funny thing is neither one of those statements are true... And even if I didn't have a job I'm driving a BRAND NEWER than his cars paid off vehicle and my bills are paid on time, so whatever... OH! He also made mention that I'm not able to handle children, jobs or life. Yes... Let me see. I take care of my kids, I don't leave them at my moms to rot while I play house with ANOTHER child that isn't mine then bring another child into the world before I can or will take care of the ones I stole from their mom. I have a job? I'm not sure why the imbecile continues to scream that but, whatever. And.. My life is just great, awesome actually. Only thing missing are the two babies he stole out of hatred, jealousy and lack of being able to admit what he did. Thanks for your assumptions though? At the end of the day you're BOTH not doing anything but truly showing your own colors. Such trash.